What is Exterior Paint?

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, exterior paint provides durable finish to your walls in all weathers. Normally weather resistant finish is antifungal and provides high scrub resistance.

What is Interior Paint?

Any type of paint selected to cover your interior walls, be it matt, high gloss, semigloss or egg shell finish is interior paint. The type of paint used will determine the overall look of your space.

What is Decorative Paint?

Used on both interior and exterior walls, decorative paint enhances and embellishes them to give eye catching results.

What is Water Based Paint?

Also known as Emulsion Paints, they are made up of a paint material which is dispersed in a water-based liquid and can be used on both interior and exterior wall surfaces.

What is Oil Based Paint?

Oil based paint is a more durable though slow drying paint that is made up of either alkyd (synthetic) or linseed oil. Mostly used for doors & window protection. 

What is a Low VOC Paint?

VOC paint is paint that contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC for short). VOCs are harmful chemicals carbon-containing substances that vaporize at room temperature and enter the atmosphere. Over time, these chemicals are be released into the air through a process called off-gassing. This means the paint is more eco-friendly as toxic emission released in the air will be less due to decreased amount of VOC in the paint.

What is Gloss Finish?

A gloss finish is the term used to describe how much light a paint or stain reflects. A gloss finish is a label that is given to paint or stain to describe how much light it will reflect.

What is Matt Finish?

dull finish or surface, as opposed to a shiny one.

What is Emulsion? (Distemper)

Emulsion (Distemper) is the budget friendly acrylic-based paint which provides a smooth finish and great coverage.

What is Synthetic Enamel?

Also known as hard based paints, synthetic enamel is usually alkyd based which provides superior quality and a smooth finish to all interior, wooden and metallic surfaces. 

What is Synthetic Metallic?

The fast drying and easy to apply synthetic metallic is a high gloss finish suitable for all types of interior and exterior wooden and metallic surfaces.

Difference between Oil Based and Water Based?

The difference is in the type of solvent used in both paints. Oil paints use an organic solvent whereas water-based paints use a liquid component which is almost all water.

Difference between Interior Paint and Exterior Paint?

Both have many similarities and many differences as well. Interior paint is usually designed for a different purpose like being stain and scrub resistant to be user friendly, while exterior paint is designed to tackle harsh weather conditions, mildew and to protect the finish against fading.

Difference between Gloss Finish and Matt Finish?

Technically speaking, the paint sheen describes level of glossiness or matt finish. Higher the sheen, glossier will be the results and with lower or no sheen, the finish will be more matt looking (or flat). Usually, glossy finish tends to be more stain resistant than matt ones.

What is the best season for paint (Interior\Exterior)?

Most areas of Pakistan have a harsh climate. Extremely hot or humid weather is not very suitable to start with a paint job. Neither is the monsoon season. Mild weather i.e throughout the end of summers till June and July is ideal season for paint. Although interior paint can be done in hot weather as well.

How long will a painter take to paint my house?

It totally depends on the size of your house. Though on average, 5 to 7 days should be enough to cover a 3-bedroom house with simple paint finish by a team of 3 members.

My home will not hold paint for more than 3 or 4 years. Why does it keep peeling?

You need to reseal the area with primer and paint to avoid further damage. Use a mildew killing cleaner on pre-cleaned surface and apply a stain clocking primer after the area is dry. Choose a product that is made for high humid areas to receive long lasting results.